Offering Research Solutions To The Marketing Equation

Quantitative Research

We conduct a number of different types of quantitative research using a variety of different data-gathering procedures. 

  • Every study is evaluated so that the information collected is secured in the most efficient manner.  We start with deciding on who has the information that is needed.  Sometimes there is a list of potential respondents available from the client while in other cases we have a variety of sources which provide reliable lists.  In cases where there is no list available (more common in cases involving consumer interviewing), we screen for qualified respondents in the most efficient way possible.
  • Once the target sample has been identified, we examine the possible approaches that can be used to secure the needed information.  Most of the work we do involves one or more of the following data-gathering procedures:

                 * Phone interviewing
                 * Personal interviewing (on-site or mall intercept)
                 * Internet surveys

In some cases, combinations of these information-gathering tools are used.  For example, we might place products as part of a mall intercept interview, then phone these people at a later time to secure their reactions to the product(s). 

  • We only work with field operations that provide reliable and verifyable information.  Our experience has shown that there are real quality differences among different field operations.  Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience.
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