Offering Research Solutions To The Marketing Equation

How We Operate

Nearly all of the research we do involves going through a number of steps.
  • Study design - We like to start off the research process with a thorough understanding of the client's situation and the information they would like to obtain through research.  Sometimes this involves a personal meeting while other times a phone conversation is sufficient.
  • Written Proposal -  After we feel we have a good understanding of the information needed, we prepare a written proposal that states...

         * Our understanding of the purpose of the study
         * The recommended means of gathering the needed information
         * A definition of a qualified respondent
         * The sample size (if quantitative)
         * Where, geographically, the data will be collected
         * How we plan to analyze the information collected  
         * The type of report and/or presentation, if any, to be provided
         * Budget and timing estimates
  • Questionnaire/Data Collection - Once the client signs off on the proposal, the next step usually is to draft a copy of the questionnaire to be used in securing the information.  After we put together a draft of the questionnaire, we send it to the client for their approval and any changes (additions/deletions, phrasing, etc.) they would like to make.  Once the questionnaire is approved, the fieldwork is conducted.
  • Data Tabulation - After the data have been collected, we suggest a tab plan to the client and tabulate the data.  The tabulations are typically sent via email but a hard (paper) copy also is available.
  • Report Writing/Presentation - We analyze the information gathered and provide a comprehensive written report detailing and interpreting the study findings.

Note:  For qualitative studies, the process is much the same.  That is, we gain an understanding of the situation, the purpose of the research and the information that needs to be gathered.  We provide a written proposal of what we plan to do, we develop screening materials and a discussion guide, conduct the focus groups or one-on-ones, analyze the results and provide a written report/presentation.


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