Offering Research Solutions To The Marketing Equation

Available Newsletters

We publish a quarterly newsletter that deals with a variety of marketing research issues.  Some of the topics covered include the following:

  • Twelve Questions to Ask Yourself When Determining Sample Size - Discusses the roles of statistical accuracy, incidence, population size, face validity, budget and timing as well as other factors that can impact sample size.
  • Using Marketing Research As A Sales Tool - Deals with how smart companies use marketing research to both prove the superiority of their products and the extent to which the marketplace prefers their products over the competition.
  • Determining Attribute Importance Using Conjoint Measurement - Illustrates how conjoint is set up to indirectly measure the importance individuals/groups place upon alternative aspects of a product or service.  Shows how to determine what changes in a product or service, if any, will maximize its desirablity.
  • Evaluating Customer Satisfaction Programs - Offers some thoughts as to how customer satisfaction data can be collected in order to provide maximum value.
  • Internet Interviewing:  Ten Big Problems - Provides suggestions regarding how the quality of internet interviewing can be improved.
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