Offering Research Solutions To The Marketing Equation

Qualitative Research

We conduct both one-on-one interviews and focus groups.  For the most part, the groups are undertaken to get reactions to new product concepts (with or without prototypes), ascertain the feelings and attitudes of respondents to a specific issue or to better understand the decision-making process that individuals go through when buying products/services.

  • Nearly all of the one-on-ones and focus groups we conduct are in  facilties specifically designed for such purposes.  These facilities permit the proceedings to be easily audio recorded, and if need be, visually recorded.  Many are connected to Focus Vision or can broadcast over the web.  They all have large, comfortable, viewing rooms where clients can  personally witness the interviewing behind a one way mirror.  In situations where there is no facility available, we generally rent a motel room and set    up a closed circuit TV camera so viewers can watch from an adjacent room.
  • We have conducted qualitative interviews with a varied assortment of individuals including homemakers, builders and tradesmen, medical personnel, engineers, wholesalers/retailers, operations managers, gearheads and executives.
  • Our qualitative experience covers a wide variety of different types of products and services such as vinyl siding, child resistant closures, packaging for soft drinks and beer, lawn and garden products, energy conservation, DIY medical products, financial services, automotive accessories and attitudes towards public utilities to name a few.
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