Offering Research Solutions To The Marketing Equation

Why Research Plus?

  • Extensive Experience - Research Plus was founded in 1989 by Dr. Herb Hupfer and Carolyn Heimbach.  Combined, they have over 60 years of marketing research experience to make sure your project runs smoothly.  Their experience ranges from concept testing through customer satisfaction, to public policy studies and studies designed to withstand legal challenges.  See the Industry Experience Page for specific markets.
  • Cost Effective Resource - By design, Research Plus is a small company run by highly accomplished marketing research professionals.  Clients benefit from our depth of experience, without the costly overhead and middle management of larger marketing research organizations.
  • Fast and Expeditious Solutions - At Research Plus, we understand the time-sensitive nature of marketing research.  Your work is important to us and will not get lost in a bureaucracy.
  • Trust and Confidentiality - Research Plus is an independent research organization.  The work we do is objective and the results are kept strictly confidential.  Moreover, we are not tied to agreements with, or owned by, a parent organization, so we can objectively select the most suitable field firm for your project.
  • Quality - We pride ourselves on doing work of the highest quality.  In fact, we strongly believe our clients would be better off without any information than with information of questionable integrity.  This is why one of our principals personally implements or oversees every phase of your project.
  • Specialized Expertise - At Research Plus, our clients have access to data collection and analysis options many research suppliers do not even offer.  We have the expertise to execute these more sophisticated statistical techniques and the ability to utilize specialized measurement procedures.  Some of these techniques and procedures include:

                                            * Analysis of Variance
                                            * Cluster Analysis
                                            * Conjoint Measurement
                                            * Discriminant Analysis
                                            * Factor Analysis
                                            * Perceptual Mapping
                                            * Regression

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